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Sebree Aluminum Smelter

Sebree, Kentucky

Message from Northwest Kentucky Forward about Century

From Northwest Kentucky Forward
Regional Economic Development
How does one determine the value of an industry? How can a community place a worth on an employer? Is it the number of jobs or perhaps the taxes paid by the company? Maybe it is measured by a company's level of community involvement? Or is it in the other jobs that are supported in the community because of the employer's presence?

All of these are important and significant factors in valuing an existing industry. In the case of Century Aluminum Sebree, these numbers are incredibly impressive. The local aluminum smelter employs approximately 500 people directly at their Sebree facility making it one of the largest private employers in Henderson County and the northwest Kentucky region. Furthermore, support jobs in the region number into the thousands because of the plant and its employees.

On the community front, the plant supports numerous civic organizations and business and economic development groups, including Northwest Kentucky Forward. Sebree Works - Aluminum is certainly an important corporate citizen.

The name recognition that Century Aluminum Sebree brings to the region is incredible. Companies looking at this area often ask what other companies are located here and all of them know of and respect the Century Aluminum Sebree name. Communities are known by the "companies they keep" and having Century Aluminum Sebree as a neighbor is great for this region.

Maybe the best way to value an existing industry is to try to imagine what our community would be like if they were not here. Can you imagine a Henderson County or a northwestern Kentucky without Century Aluminum Sebree? Who would fill that massive chasm? Hopefully, we will never have to find out.

Century Sebree Dragonboat Team

Century Sebree employees recently participated in Owensboro's Annual Dragonboat Festival by racing against other companies in and around Daviess County.  Sebree's team was dubbed the "Metal Maytes".  Sebree also participated in other events during the annual Corporate Challenge. 

Entry Level Production (Full-time)

Industrial Maintenance Technician

Welcome to Our Site 

I want to welcome all of our customers, employees and visitors to the Sebree Works - Aluminum web site.  Here you can find information about our aluminum smelter and the products we produce.  I invite you to visit the web site frequently to stay informed of what is happening at the plant and how we can provide services to you.

Best Regards,

Jason Young, Plant Manager

About Sebree Works
The Century Aluminum Sebree smelter is nestled in western Kentucky at the border of Henderson and Webster counties. The plant has been in operation since 1973 and currently employs 500 people, some of whom commute from as far away as the Kentucky Lake region.

The smelter, which is one of only a handful remaining in the United States, creates new aluminum from alumina, a fine white powder that arrives at the plant by barge. The other critical element in the creation of aluminum is electricity. The smelter is one of the largest users of electricity in the region with a monthly electricity bill exceeding several million dollars a month.

The primary product the Sebree smelter makes is in the form of extrusion billet, which resembles a 20-foot-long telephone pole. We also create a considerable amount of t-bar. Our customers use the aluminum to create automotive parts, construction industry items, ladders, picture frames and high tech components.

Want to get in touch to offer comments or learn more about the Sebree smelter? E-mail us at: kenny.barkley@centuryaluminum.com